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Plastic Films

Plastic Films are available up to 1.5 metres wide and are made from various surface printed PP, PE films or laminated structures dependent on how the product will be packed, shelf life required and packing machines.

Printed in up to 10 colours in Flexographic or Rotogravure with many different finishes available, they offer product windows and barrier properties. We can also offer pre-zippered films giving the consumer a re-closable film with no additional capital expenditure to the packing line.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting a member of our team.

For full list of features available, please see product icons below.

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Dynamite Fish Food Film
Dynamite Fish Velcro Film
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Tyler Film Packaging
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Tyler Film Pets At Home
Tyler Film Supreme Selective
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Tyler Packaging Plastic Film Tiny Friends Farm Pet Food
Tyler Packaging Plastic Films Roll 1
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Tyler Packaging Plastic Films Roll 4

Product Features

  • Better than Rigid

    Better than Rigid

    Reduction in packaging upto 95%, compared to rigid containers.
  • Finish - Registered Varnish

    Finish - Registered Varnish

    Registered Varnishes, offers a matt and gloss finish on design, so brands / designers can create a pack that stands out.


  • Paper Window

    Paper Window

    Registered window through the paper, any shape or size.


  • Product Window

    Product Window

    Can achieve a product window in material, whether film or pre made bags.


  • Upto 10 Colours

    Upto 10 Colours

    Offering superlative print in flex or gravure.
  • Suitable for up to 25kg

    Suitable for up to 25kg

  • Antifog


    Enhance product presentation and shelf life.
  • Upto 7 Layers

    Upto 7 Layers

    Co Extruded Films unto 7 Layers with EVOH / PP.
  • De-Metallisation


    De-Metalisation / Foil Window - registered window, any shape or size within metallised foil laminate.
  • Film Easy Lock

    Film Easy Lock

  • Laminated Film

    Laminated Film

    duplex, triplex, quadraplex structures, common materials PET / Metallised PET / ALU / OPA / BOPP / LDPE / EVOH PE.
  • Lidding Films

    Lidding Films

    Top web coex and laminated films for application to a variety of tray formats.
  • Microwavable


    Packaging can be microwavable if required.
  • Fully Open Top

    Fully Open Top

    Fully opened gussets, for ease of filling.
  • Peelable Label Closers

    Peelable Label Closers

    Resealable pack with label closure system.
  • Retortable


    Packaging can be retortable if required.
  • Resin Grade 4 LDPE

    Resin Grade 4 LDPE

  • Resin Grade 5 PP

    Resin Grade 5 PP

  • Resin Grade 7 MIXED / OTHER

    Resin Grade 7 MIXED / OTHER

  • Upto 1.5m Wide

    Upto 1.5m Wide

    Maximum print and lamination width of films.


    • Animal Feed

      Animal Feed

    • Bedding


    • Food Ingredients

      Food Ingredients

    • Garden


    • Grain/Seed


    • Foods


    • Pet Foods

      Pet Foods

      Our products incorporate fasteners such as ...

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