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Open Mouth Pasted Block Bottom Sacks

Used in a variety of industries, this sack design is convenient for ease of filling as it can stand during the filling process. Once filled, it is very stable enabling easy top closure either by stitching or gluing. A block bottom design sack containing a Z-folded polythene liner, this sack design is ideal for powdered products and used extensively by milk powder producers. These sacks are available with a tear-off bottom patch which enables removal of the inner polythene bag, emptying the powder without the need to use metal tools such as Stanley knives to open the sack. The bottom patch can be removed without tearing the paper, thus preventing any chance of contamination of the milk powder by paper fibres. Complete separation of the polythene liner from the paper plies of the sack means that recycling is an easy process.

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Valve Sacks

A comprehensive range of valve sack sizes is available from 3kg which is suitable for powder product to sacks with a valve of 210mm width. We produce valve sacks with integrated handles suitable for point-of-sale applications, sacks with a sewn bottom and a valved top and sacks with a tear-out base for ease of emptying. We offer Thermionic valve sacks suitable for use with filling lines equipped with this sealing technology. Particularly useful for cementation products sold in retail outlets where leakage presents a problem, these sacks provide a leak-proof seal at the valve. Our sacks are suitable for use with high speed filling lines such as the Haver and Boecker Rotopacker.

Lined Sacks

Paper lined sacks are used in applications that specify minimal ingress of water or water vapour onto the product in the sack and/or no light penetration. These sacks have a hot melt top and are pinch bottom. Paper lined sacks are manufactured using the same production techniques as foil lined sacks. This design is used in the food processing and chemical industries. Hot melt top closures are normally utilised in these sacks. Polylined sacks can be produced with loose Z-fold liners or glued-in liners.

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For full list of features available, please see product icons below.

Nutrigain Ombb Sack 1
Tyler Packaging Foil Lined Sack 1
Tyler Packaging Paper Valve Sack
Tyler Packaging Paper Valve Sacks
Tyler Packaging Polylined Sack 2
Tyler Packaging Polylined Sack
Tyler Paper Laminate Pouch Ernest Charles 2
Tyler Paper Laminate Pouch Ernest Charles
Tyler Paper Pouch Round Corners Zipper
Tyler Paper Pouch Zipper
Tyler Paper Sack Dunstan Horsefeeds
Tyler Paper Sack Top Flight Bird Food
Tyler Paper Valve Sack Larsen Grout
Tyler Paper Valve Sack Resco 2
Tyler Paper Valve Sack Resco
Volac Ombb Sack 2

paper sack

Product Features

  • Upto 10 Colours

    Upto 10 Colours

    Offering superlative print in flex or gravure.
  • Suitable for up to 25kg

    Suitable for up to 25kg

  • Easy Open

    Easy Open

  • Fully Open Top

    Fully Open Top

    Fully opened gussets, for ease of filling.
  • Valve Filling

    Valve Filling

  • Pinched Bottom

    Pinched Bottom


    • Animal Feed

      Animal Feed

    • Food Ingredients

      Food Ingredients

    • Grain/Seed


      Our products incorporate fasteners such as ...

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