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Certain brand images are iconic. When you think about Coca-Cola or McDonalds, immediately a colour image comes to mind. Colour enhances and identifies a brand and thus sublimely influences the buying decision. Research has shown that choosing the right colours for your packaging is as important as the product itself in terms of influencing the buyer in making a choice. To control colour is key in the world of flexible packaging. From the colours chosen by the design house and the brand owner to the finished product on the shelf, they should remain constant from the inception of the design to the finished product on shelf. To ensure this is achieved, the colours must be measured and checked throughout the work flow process. This is why Tyler Packaging and our partners have implemented the X-rite colour management system.

In conjunction with our reprographics and design house partners, we have installed the X-rite system on our Gravure and Flexo presses. This ensures that colours can be managed, checked and recorded accurately at every point in the artwork to print process. Recent feedback from some of our customers has been extremely positive, particularly regarding the consistency between print runs on colour accuracy. We firmly believe that this is the only way to achieve the consistent brand colours that today’s customers demand.

Our products incorporate fasteners such as ...

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